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Contents for each Recording
Little Red Wagon The Farmer's Market Play All Day I Know An Old Lady Stories To Grow On Timmy and Friends
Little Red Wagon The Farmer's Market Play All Day "A" For The Ant Lusemore and the Faries Jimmy Crack Corn
Going To Grandma's Mail Myself To You New Shoes I Had A Cat Twa Sisters The Farmer's Market
Secrets The Unicorn Song Chase Away The Blues Alexander Beetle Man Who Bought A Dream The Unicorn Song
Sailor's Hornpipe Drowsey Maggie A Little Time Aunt Rhody Cumberland Mountain Grandfather's Clock
I'm My Own Grandpa Away, Mommy, Away Dance To Your Daddy The Fox The Raggedy Man "A" For The Ant
Mother Was A Goose Drifting One World Family The Little White Duck White Horse Girl Sit Down Square Dance
Like Love If I Were The Marvelous Toy The Raggedy Man Girl / Boy Theme Hush Little Baby
Turkey In The Straw Jimmy Crack Corn Make A Wish Hugh O'Donnell The Marvelous Toy
Peace Will Dawn Hi Ho We're Rolling Home Kindergarten Wall Bear Hunt Intro
Rounded Glass Jig I Love You John Of Dreams The Bear Hunt
All Is Well I Know An Old Lady
Old Woman and Pig

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Steven Heller Steven Heller
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Jim Taylor Jim Taylor
Come Before Winter Come Before Winter
One October Morn One October Morn

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