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Who is Timmy Abell?

Middle School
Program Description
Hello Middle School

     Is it really possible to interest middle schoolers in folk music? Well.... with the right approach (attitude?) and the right material, yes! A challenging audience in most situations, middle school students tend to keep to themselves what they dare not express.

     For years Timmy has performed successfully in middle schools, mixing up the repertoire for some surprising results. Sometimes it is only after the show that 6th-8th graders privately express their delight and appreciation. Part of the appeal is purely musical; part is simply the element of unfamiliarity - pre-teens learning and hearing something new which they can't believe they actually enjoyed; part is simply getting out of class for a program.

     Timmy's program for middles schools mixes just enough information to be counted as educational, just enough storytelling to capture the attention, just enough music to set the right tone, just enough participation so students can see their peers actually performing, and just enough humor to not be deemed corny.

Hammered Dulcimer

"The young people in our program enjoyed you and your presentation immensely.
I must admit some skepticism in anyone's ability to entertain this age group (middle schoolers) with simple acoustic instruments and singing, but you were terrific! Your audience was involved and entertained for the full hour. Amazing!"

Peggyann Diaz
The Mustard Seed, Norwalk, CT

Here is a list of some of the middle schools
where Timmy has performed in recent years:

Hilton Head Middle SchoolHilton HeadSC
Warren County Middle SchoolWarrentonNC
Hilton Head Middle SchoolHilton HeadSC
Lott Middle SchoolCitronelleAL
Fuquay-Varina Middle SchoolFuquay-VarinaNC
West Millbrook Middle SchoolRaleighNC
East Wake Middle SchoolRaleighNC
Collegiate SchoolRichmondVA
Hope Mills Middle SchoolHope MillsNC
Meyzeek Middle SchoolLouisvilleKY
Middlesex Elementary SchoolNashvilleNC
Elberta Middle SchoolElbertaAL
Kirby-Smith Middle SchoolJacksonvilleFL
Carroll Middle SchoolRaleighNC
St. Timothy's Episcopal School (Middle)RaleighNC
Phillips Middle SchoolChapel HillNC
Harrodsburg Middle SchoolHarrodsburgKY
Clarke Middle SchoolLexingtonMA
Dighton Middle SchoolDightonMA
Linkhorne Middle SchoolLynchburgVA
Scarborough Middle SchoolMobileAL
Carver Middle SchoolLaurinburgNC
Norton Middle SchoolNortonMA
Ipswich Middle SchoolIpswichMA
Johnson Middle SchoolWalpoleMA
Diamond Middle SchoolLexingtonMA
John Graham Middle SchoolWarrentonNC
Norlina Middle SchoolNorlinaNC
Lynnfield Middle SchoolLynnfieldMA
Mac Williams Middle SchoolFayettevilleNC
Leesville Road Middle SchoolRaleighNC
Salem Middle SchoolApexNC

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