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Who is Timmy Abell?

3rd - 5th Grade
School Program Description

Timmy Abell

     Even with the modern pop culture begging for their attention, elementary school students easily fall into the charm of good folk music. It is a simple, and immediately accessible form of expression which stimulates their imagination and stretches their boundaries.

     Timmy's 3-5 school concerts are highly educational while maintaining an atmosphere of fun. Programs are designed with a focus on information, music appreciation, cultural awareness and participation:

     Information:   Students at this age can soak up a lot of knowledge, especially in the context of a good time -- the history and origin of the instruments; historical and legendary events; geographical points of interest; science of sound and musical tonality; the creative process.

Playing music on stage

     Music Appreciation:   Expanding students' appreciation of musical styles through the use of eight musical instruments: "clawhammer" banjo; "fingerstyle" guitar; take your pick: Greek, French, Celtic, American, original music on hammered dulcimer; compare that with the lap dulcimer; vibrate strings with a bow on the psaltery; percussion with a puppet?; concertina "hornpipes" and "chanties", eyes closed for the sweet strains of the penny whistle.

     Cultural Awareness:   The subject matter and issues which appear in the lyrics of folk songs has long been an appropriate and effective way for young people to learn about their world. Even difficult issues are appropriate in folk songs as they give children a way to reflect and process indirectly - a welcome alternative to our graghic-dominant modern media.

Having Fun

     Participation:   A student's attention is focused and expanded simultaneously with active participation. Timmy's programs are filled with opportunities for students to become involved with the music. This is what they want - to be expressive and to enjoy themselves in the process. Learning lyrics, singing, keeping rhythms, the sit-down square dance, guided listening, even playing instruments - all of these are a part of this cultural arts experience.

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