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Who is Timmy Abell?

Evening Concert for Schools
For Schools
This event is offered as a fundraiser for schools
which sponsor Timmy's educational
programs during the day.

(Student Body, 350 Minimum)
Timmy Abell

Seven Steps / An Overview

Contemplate and realize all the good reasons to do this:

  • It will strengthen your school community by gathering families together.
  • Parents and children will enjoy together a thoroughly engaging live concert.
  • This is a fundraiser with no risk to the school or PTA.
  • Parents will be directly involved in your cultural arts programming.
  • You are fostering good family values within the context of the cultural arts.

Timmy will supply you with a letter and a flyer which can be duplicated and sent out
to the parents, announcing the concert. The letter will go out to parents
one week prior to the Family Concert; it includes an order form for
tickets. Tickets are $3.00 per person.

Timmy will supply you with pre-printed tickets. Checks and cash will be collected by
the school for the week prior to the concert. Checks are made out to the
school (or PTA). (Inventory forms are available to easily manage ticket sales.)

The flyer will go home to parents on the day of the Family Concert.

The concert starts at 7:00 p.m., and lasts under an hour. Additional tickets
can be sold at the door. Ticket prices at the door are $3.50 per person.
There will be door prizes!

Immediately following the concert, the school or PTA might have a bake sale,
sell refreshments, T-shirts, etc. as a fund-raiser for school projects. Artist may
sell recordings. Everything is finished by 8:15 p.m.

Proceeds from all ticket sales are divided evenly between the School and the Artist.

Please Note:
Family Concert fee for schools is $600
if booked independently of a school program.
School programs and the fundraiser are contracted as separate events.

Family Night Promo Materials

Flyer for Fundraiser
Flyer for Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ticket
     The promotional package for the evening family concert contains:
  • Letters to parents
  • Color flyers (B&W master for duplication)
  • Pre-printed tickets
  • An 8x10 color photo with caption for bulletin board.
     These materials will be prepared with your school name and particular details, ready for duplication. Click this link to see an example of the letters which will go out to the parents:


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