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Who is Timmy Abell?

Comments From Sponsors

Timmy Abell

"On behalf of FAY and the students of Fairfield elementary schools, I'd like to thank you for your terrific performances during the last several days. You were a great hit at all 13 shows. We loved having you in our town. You have such an easy rapport with the students. Your humor shines through the music and you could tell how much the students enjoyed the shows."
Ann Curran
Fairfield Arts for Youth, Fairfield, CT

"Thank you for two fine performances! The way you related to both older and younger students was remarkable. Your enthusiasm, musical knowledge and effort helped make a connection that our students will not soon forget."
Reuben Thompson IV, Principal
Carver Elementary School

"The young people in our program enjoyed you and your presentation immensely. I must admit some scepticism in anyone's ability to entertain this age group (middle schoolers) with simple acoustic instruments and singing, but you were terrific! Your audience was involved and entertained for the full hour. Amazing!"
Peggyann Diaz
The Mustard Seed, Norwalk, CT

"The performing was outstanding, the information about the instruments
and songs was both accurate and imparted in such a way as to assure
its retention...At the last principal's meeting, several of the principals
said your program was the best they ever had."

Dale Jensen, Music Supervisor
Manatee County Schools, FL

"Thank you for a wonderful day for our children. All reports have been so positive, even from teachers whose children sat in the balcony! Having 1500 children at one of your performances is no problem; your music and stories can charm any number. You're on our list for a return visit - soon!"
Martha West, Director of Elementary Education
Rowan - Salisbury Schools

"It was fantastic! I never knew I liked anything besides Rock."
Student / St. James School, Pritchard, AL

"Timothy Abell's performance was one of the most spellbinding acts
many of the student's have seen. His ability to involve the audience
in all aspects of his performance made this an upbeat and superb
performance that will bring a joyful tune out of anybody's soul."

Surry Arts Council / Grant Report

"...your musical talent and knowledge have taught us so much. The students know your songs and look forward to you coming each year."
Kim Wrightenberry / Glen Arden School

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