Mail Myself To You
Woody Guthrie
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Artwork by Don Pedi
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I'm gonna wrap myself in paper
I'm gonna daub myself with glue
Stick some stamps on the top of my head
I'm gonna mail myself to you

I'm gonna tie me up with a little red string
I'm gonna tie blue ribbons too
I'm gonna climb up in my mailbox
I'm gonna mail myself to you


Now when you find me in your mailbox
Cut the string and let me out
Wash the glue right off of my tummy
Stick some bubblegum in my mouth

Take me out of my wrapping paper
Wash the stamps right off of my head
Pour me full of some ice cream sodies
Tuck me in to a nice warm bed

Repeat First Verse

(© Tro/Ludlow Music, BMI)