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Who is Timmy Abell?

Folk Music:  A Pathway To Literacy
Folk Music: A Pathway To Literacy

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     For years Timmy has presented folk music and storytelling with a focus on various educational elements including historical perspectives, southern culture, American heros, musical styles, instruments and so on. Now he has designed a new program which integrates a solid focus on the links between the music and literature.

     It is astounding how many folk songs have counterparts which can be found in the library. Timmy is compiling an extensive bibliography which includes books appropriate at every age level found in many school resource centers. Before each program, Timmy will contact the media specialist to design a specific repertoire of songs and stories which have links to specific books in that schools own library.

Timmy Abell

     Students who participate in this presentation will leave with an excitement for reading that they have never felt before. This will be a program designed to draw out the richness of American folk music with the specific goal of drawing students in to the library.

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For a printable (.pdf) version of the bibliograghy, click here.

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