Hi, Ho, We're Rolling Home
Timmy Abell & Steven Heller
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Artwork by Don Pedi
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Pockets are full, got all my things
Hi! Ho! We're rolling home
Trees fly by, the highway sings
Hi! Ho! We're rolling on home

Been to the ocean, went to the city
Over the mountains, they sure were pretty
It's a great big country, we went a long way
Now we're going back home
Missed my dog and my own bedroom
But I had a good time, and I'll be home soon
Said goodbye to a lot of good friends
Now we're going back home


Combed the beach, watched the weather
Saw an eagle and I found his feather
Rode a bike all day, and I learned how to whistle
And I can't wait to get home
When we went to the city, we rode on a train
It went under ground, but we came up again
So many people all in one place
That's why we're going back home


We camped on a mountain, sat by the fire
Daddy told stories 'till we got real tired
We all fell asleep, counting up the stars
Same ones we've got back home
I love to travel and see new faces
Learn everything about a lot of nice places
One special place is all my own
I'll be there when I get home

Daddy's slowing down, we're almost there
School in the morning, I don't care
One special place, all my own
Feels so good to be home

(© 1989 Local Honey Music, ASCAP, Butterside Music, BMI)