The Farmer's Market
Timmy Abell & Steven Heller
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The Farmer's Market
Artwork by Don Pedi
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Get on the truck and grab your hat!
Daddy's taking us down to the railroad tracks
Got a dollar in my pocket, gonna clap my hands
Goin' to the Farmer's Market!

Look at all those apples and peaches and pears
Pineapples and plums and look....over there
It's a pumpkin truck, we'd better grab us one
Gonna make a jack-o-lantern and spook someone, Boo!

I want a watermelon
I can't get along without a ripe watermelon
Cut a great big slice, stick my face on in
When I come to the seeds, I go *** *** ding


What about some roasted nuts
We've got chestnuts, walnuts, hickorynuts, butternuts
Peanuts, you're a nut, I'm a nut too
I'll tell you one thing, I like singing with you

I'm gonna eat some sweet strawberries
Raspberries, blackberries, dewberries, blueberries
Gooseberries, too, I'll tell you why
We're gonna take 'em all home and bake a six foot pie


There's the boy with the baby ducks
Little chickens and rabbits and cute little pups
Someday I'm gonna get a dog of my own
Put him in the truck and take him on home


Oh the Farmer's Market, it sure is fun
Daddy next week let's make sure to bring Mom
I'll show her that puppy with the big brown eyes
I'll give her a peach for a sweet surprise

Get on the truck, Daddy's taking us home
Got a lot of good food, now my money's all gone
But what's going on behind the fence over there
It's the Flea Market, Daddy, let's stop right here


(© 1989, Local Honey Music, ASCAP / Butterside, BMI)