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Who is Timmy Abell?

Family Concerts

Timmy Abell

     "...Exceptional!...", "...Spellbinding!...", "...Extraordinary!"... All are words used to describe Timmy Abell's multi-faceted performances of music and storytelling.

     This is not merely a folk music concert, though with 7 musical instruments (including hammered dulcimer, English concertina, penny whistle....) and a wide-ranging collection of original and traditional songs, this could be entertainment enough.....

     But the rich variety! Stories, music, poetry, jokes and educational anecdotes - an inspiring and uplifting repertoire Timmy has collected and presented nationally for over 20 years. This is true family entertainment.


     Timmy's relaxed and intimate performance style harkens back to a simpler time, as he invites and coaxes children and parents to sing and play together in the richness of their own folk traditions. This is not a high-energy TV show with a passive audience, but it is a participatory and engaging musical experience which leaves lasting impressions.


     Timmy's music awakens a full range of emotions, from the fun and frolicking "Farmer's Market" and "Goin' to Grandma's" to the thoughtful "Make A Wish" and sensitive "Chase Away the Blues" to the zany "Away, Mommy, Away" and dreamy "John Of Dreams". Mixed with instrumental music, storytelling, and a few songs "for the grownups", Timmy's concerts leave everyone fully entertained and satisfied that the time was well spent.

"We were absolutely overwhelmed at the response to your evening family concert. I am always impressed at how effortless
you make a perfect presentation look."

Carol Reinhardt, Gaston College Artsquest Coordinator

  • .....Children Laughing
  • Hands Clapping
  • Toes Tapping
  • Voices Ringing
  • Fathers Singing
  • Mothers Glowing
  • Sisters Giggling
  • Grandma Smiling
  • Brothers Grinning
  • Eyes Winking
  • Grandpa Beaming
  • Happiness Abounding.....

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