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Who is Timmy Abell?

Comments From Sponsors

Timmy Abell

"What a joy you are to work with! You left behind a legion of admirers, young and old, staff and members, public and press."
Elizabeth Bauder
Richmond Children's Museum

"May you always have the energy to keep doing what you're doing.
What you spread are those family values everyone is talking about."

Donna Kerr-Webb, Director
Mt. Pleasant Fine Arts Center

"We were absolutely overwhelmed at the response to your evening family concert. I am always impressed at how effortless you make
a perfect presentation look."

Carol Reinhardt
Gaston College Artsquest Coordinator

"Nothing is quite so thrilling as the ring of the banjo! We are pleased that
our young audience (and adult friends) could hear your music
so lovingly played and so interestingly described.
Your program is as educational as it is entertaining.
We are proud to consider you a part of our 'National Theater Family'"

Donn Murphy, President and Executive Director
The National Theater, Washington, DC

"I love the way your music simultaneously titillates the imagination,
touches the soul, and radiates a vibrant spirit! Thank you
for adding so much joy to my family."

Marie DelForge / Parent, Cary, NC

"You really amaze me because your energy is boundless, your enthusiasm never wanes and your smile and pleasant manner win everyone's heart. Thank you for a wonderful two days of music and entertainment."
Ann Cooper, Director of Education
The Peace Center, Greenville, SC

"We would most definitely recommend other people booking Timothy Abell. He was as entertaining for the adults as he was for the children, who were at the edge of their seats spellbound."
Surry Arts Council / Grant Report
Mt. Airy, NC

"...your musical talent and knowledge have taught us so much. The students know your songs and look forward to you coming each year."
Kim Wrightenberry / Glen Arden School

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